Al Sultan Company's returns policy aims to achieve customer satisfaction and provide a comfortable shopping experience. Here's a description of this brand's returns policy across Europe: Return period: We offer a grace period of 14 days or more for customers to make returns. Return terms: Customers can return products if they are not satisfied or have quality defects. Items must be in original condition, unused, with all tags and original packaging. Return procedures: Customers can contact customer service to initiate the return process. Customers will be directed to specific return procedures, including available shipping methods. Return costs: Customers bear the costs of returning the product if there is no error on the part of the company. In case of defects or errors of the company, the company bears the return costs. Checking returned products: Returned products are carefully inspected to check their condition and identify any defects. Compensation options: Compensation options are offered, whether it be a refund or replacement of the product with an identical one. quality assurance: We are committed to ensuring the quality of our products, and in the event of proven manufacturing defects, full compensation will be provided. Clear directions: Provide clear directions to customers on how to make returns and communicate with customer service. The returns policy aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience and shows the company's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and quality products.

Al Sultan Import Company

headquartered at Dorpsweg 132 B, 4221 LL Hoogblokland, Netherlands. We specialize in the import and wholesale of various products such as home utensils, children's toys, and decorations in the Netherlands and Europe

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